Holy Week at St. Paul's

Holy Week at St. Paul's

This Sunday, April 5th, we begin Holy Week--a special time of remembering the last week of Jesus.  It begins with remembering his entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday,  There will be devotions Monday through Friday.  On Thursday we remember the last meal Jesus ate with his disciples.  Friday, also known as Good Friday, we remember the death of Jesus and his burial.  Saturday is a time of prayer as we keep the vigil like the first disciples.  And on Sunday we celebrate the empty tomb, and the meaning of resurrection for believers today.  Please join us in this time of remembering, making the week for you a Holy Week as well.  


Holy Week Meditations

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Holy Week Services

This will be available Thursday at 7 p.m.           This will be available Friday at 7 p.m.



Easter Vigil Prayer

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