Questions you may have about St. Paul's Lawton.

Where is guest parking?

What do I wear?

What is worship like at St. Paul's?

What is offered for my kids?

How do I join the church?

How do I join a group?

Why do you have children's church?

How do I get involved in a ministry area?

With what denomination is St. Paul's affiliated?

How do I contact the church for special services (a wedding or a funeral), or to use the building?

  1. Where is guest parking?  Guest parking is in the back parking lot by the playground.  Greeters will be happy to show you around when you come in the doors.  Handicap accessible parking is in the front of the church by the street.  Someone will be there to help if it is needed as well.
  2. What do I wear?  Clothing.  The Connections Service at 5:30 p.m is more casual, but you are welcome in any service in any attire, from blue jeans to suits. 
  3. What is worship like at St. Paul's?  We have two services. The Traditions Service Sunday at 10:45 is traditional in style.  The Connections Service on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. is a modern service with praise music.  Whatever service you decide to attend, you will be met and warmly welcomed, but we will not call attention to you as a visitor.  
  4. What is offered for my kids? We have ministries for children and youth throughout the year.  Some of our activities include summer camps, Vacation Bible School, a midweek program, youth groups, and children's church.  Check out our MInistries page for more information.
  5. How do I join the church? You can join the church by profession of faith in Jesus and baptism, by moving your membership from another congregation, or by confirmation, restoration or reaffirmation of faith.  For more information on joining the church, please contact the pastor.
  6. How do I join a group? We have a variety of small groups available, and more are forming all the time.  If you are interested in a particular small group, contact the church office for details and contact information of the facilitator.
  7. Why do you have children's church?  Children's church is provided for families.  Some parents prefer for their children to stay in worship with them.  There are 'busy bags' for your children to use during the worship service.  Other parents get more out of worship if they are not worried about their children being a distraction.  Rest assured--your children are welcome in worship.  We have children's church for the parents as well as the children who would get more out of a smaller setting.
  8. How do I get involved in a ministry area? We at St. Paul's see a large component of our faith and discipleship is through serving.  If you have a particular ministry you are passionate about, we would love to help you get plugged into service.  
  9. What denomination is St. Paul's? We are a part of the United Methodist Church.  Information about what it means to be a United Methodist can be found at or you may come to a monthly 'coffee with the pastor' on the 2nd Sunday at 9:30 am to learn more about St. Paul's and United Methodism.  You can also check out our "What we Believe" page for more information.
  10. How do I contact the church for special services (a wedding or a funeral), or to use the building? You can email the office or call us at 580-355-5757.  Someone will get back with you quickly if we are not in the office at the time.
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