Ways to Have a Meaningful Worship Experience Online

Ways to have a meaningful online worship experience:

1.  Approach it not as a video or show but as a time of worship.  Give worship your attention as you would if you were present.  Remember worship is about God not us, and this is a way we can come together in community even if we are not present in the room together. 

2.  As we begin the service, light a candle where you are.  We light the candles to indicate that the light of Christ is in our midst.  We are the light of Christ and if we light a candle wherever we are, it signifies our unity in the body of Christ.  If you are not around a candle, there is always a candle or flame app for your phone.  If they can use it in concerts to ask for an encore, we can use it for worship to remember the light of Christ in worship.

3.  Check-in to worship either on Facebook or the web page.  Give us your name and let us know you were a part of the worship service.  If you are new, we hope you will also leave your address, email, and/or phone.  It is great to look out and see new faces, please let us know when there are new faces in the virtual worship as well.

3.  Participate fully.  Pray as we pray, read the liturgy or responsive readings, and sing along with the congregational songs.  You will get more out of worship as a participant than an observer.

4.  We will come to a time in the service for giving back to God.  I encourage our members to be sure to keep current with your commitment that you have made.  Now would be a great time to set up automatic deductions from your bank account to stay current in your commitment to the church.  If you did not turn in a commitment card, please be faithful to give to God through St. Paul's.  Just because the doors close does not mean that ministry quits.  If anything, it is new and often something we need new resources to provide.  We provide three ways to do that:

  1. you can mail a check to St. Paul's UMC 910 NW 38th Street, Lawton, OK 73505
  2. you can  Give Online
  3. you can set up an automatic deduction from your checking account by filling out the Form and returning it to the church at office@stpaulslawton.org.

If you usually give cash, you are encouraged to try one of the three ways above while we are unable to meet together.  

5.  Please keep us posted on the things going on in your life by sharing your joys and concerns with us by social media or email.

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